Autodesk Inc. (
My new employer

Hasso-Plattner-Institute (
My former employer

Matthias Trapp (
One of my colleages at the HPI.

OpenGL (
The definite source for information about OpenGL and extensions!

NVidia developer pages (
Interesting examples and whitepapers for the latest additions to NVidia GPUs.

AMD GPU developer pages (
Tech infos for AMD/ATI GPUs.

Spare time

Basketball im RSV (
This is the Basketball club I played years for (and also administered an early version of their website). Currently, there's some sort of "break" for me... :-)

Orienteering (
In this club I perform orienteering!

Chaussee der Enthusiasten (
This is a group of independent writers I enjoy from time to time.

The rest (
You have to know the demo scene if you want to call yourself a computer graphics guy :-). 64k and 4k demos are the most incredible ones!

Langton's ant (a.k.a. Turmite) ('s_ant)
Turmites! This is one of the things that brought me to CG. Back in highschool we were presented that concept and had to implement it in Turbo Pascal. A short time later, I had a dozen of them swirling around on my 386 under DOS in SVGA with 32k colors and hand-optimized assembler code.

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